About the recipes

The Little Argentine Kitchen: named in honour of my little quirky kitchen in Buenos Aires, where all my cooking adventures take place, this blog uncovers some of Argetina’s best recipes and unknown culinary delights.

Surrounded by a nation of food worshippers (this might explain why I, an English girl with Italian heritage, fit in so well here), Argentina lives and breathes food. From early morning breakfasts with Argentine medialunas (croissants), empanadas lunches, afternoon mate, coffee and cake breaks, to late night Argentine steak or pasta dinners, glorious weekend asados (BBQ), and not to mention heavenly ice-creams, there’s a world of delicious Argentine food yet to be discovered.

My goal, over the next 12 months, is to unearth the best this country has to offer.

Learning from some of the best chefs in Argentina, my days out in the big city, and my travels to different parts of this vast country, I will bake, sweat and probably shed a few tears (!) as I work with a rickety old oven and basic utensils to recreate authentic Argentine dishes. Every week I will share a new Argentine recipe, be it traditional or modern,  so that English speaking people around the world can too start to sample and revel in some of the tastiest food on earth!

I hope you enjoy.

Que aproveche!

Ps. Look out for the following recipes: pizza a la parrilla (pizza on cooked on a grill)submarino (a simply delightful hot chocolate drink) and alfajores (a crunchy chocolate biscuit with toffee), they come highly recommended!

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