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Pork escalopes with sage and potatoes

9 Nov
Escalopes de cerdo con salvia y batatas

No fuss, simple and delicious pork escalopes from Narda Lepes

Escalopes de cerdo con salvia y batatas, or pork escalopes with sage and potatoes (in English), is one of the easiest tasty dinners I’ve ever made! Taken from Narda Lepes’ book ‘comer y pasarla bien’, this little gem is perfect for entertaning on a week night. The ingredients and recipe below is good for 2 people.


2 pork chops

4 or 5 sage leaves

A little butter

A little olive oil

2 potatoes

1 lemon


1. Cut off any fat from the pork chops.

2. Flatten the pork so that it is about 1cm thick. To do this, simply place the pork between two sheets of cling film and hit with a rolling pin to flatten.

3. Place a little oil and butter in a pan and then add the sage leaves. Cook for a couple of minutes before adding the pork.

4. Seal the pork on both sides (this should only take a few minutes).

5. Add the pre-cooked potatoes to the pan (alongside the pork escalopes) and add a squeeza of lemon juice to the pan. Cook for a few minutes more so that the potatoes get a little colour.

6. Season and serve.

Corinne’s serving suggestions and notes

For the potatoes, there were no instructions so here’s what I did: I peeled these, cut them into wedge sized chunks and then boiled them for about 20 minutes (I started this before I even cut the fat from the pork). I then placed these in a frying pan with a little oil whilst the pork was cooking so that they would go brown and crisp. When I then added these to the pan with the pork and lemon juice these became softer and took on a lemony flavour which was nice. All in all, simple and no fuss!